Saahil Acharya is our tyrannical overlord. He rules over the group with his charming and subtle manner, though he’s prone to succumb to the occasional existential crisis.


Virginia Houk is our very own Ginny in a bottle! With thousands of years of professional experience in conjuring solutions to any problem, dealing with newbies like us brings an endearing smile to her face.


Adi David is omnipresent and enigmatic, wrapping his tentacles around every piece, letting go only when its perfect. He’s distraught about his numerous amputated limbs, from British English to serif fonts.


Cindy Esporlas, our cool and unfazed public relations manager and meticulous minute taker, makes our meetings feel more productive than they seem. Oh and, very lately, she has become our legal advisor.


Elizabeth Firmage, like all good superheroes, came to the rescue when the situation was most dire, steering the ship through some very choppy waters. She makes design look easy. But it’s not.


Ratnesh Gupta is our resident photographer, seeing the world through his lens, distorted and out of focus, often leading to stunning pictures.


Christina Ripken brings panache and spontaneity to an otherwise worn-out team. She can come up with brilliant observations and ideas, which we suspect are powered by the various shades of teal in her hair!


Larisa Sheloukhova can chase and wear down the most evasive contributors and deal with all kinds of submissions, from the serious to the wacky. She is still waiting for that chicken soup you promised.


Sergey Zobnin is our utilitarian hacker infographman. And wants to be an alien-trained neuroprosthetician when he grows up.


Dalmira Merzhakupova is the newest PhD student and Kuroshio’s resident artist. She sketches us more beautiful and happier than we really are. That’s the way she sees the world anyway.


Ankur Dhar is our webmaster and the most disciplined contributor. He bakes the best muffins in the world, and has a weird obsession with gundam models.