“The moon is beautiful tonight isn’t it?”

Why I Practice

Sweat. A sweaty gi, a sweaty belt. Sweat that wouldn’t even dry during the lunch break, even if you hang your gi to dry in the Okinawan sun.

Ways of Seeing

Seeing comes before words. It is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding world.

Goshuin: Collecting Temple Calligraphy

I like to think of goshuin as little works of art, much like calligraphic wall scrolls. Only with these it’s possible to gather hundreds of them and take them home.

Beyond the Shell

As humans our memory is already subject to loss through decay, but the film brings up the question, “Do we really remain the same person as those bits of information fade away?”

The Arts & The Sciences

There is nothing more basic and more essential than the act of existing. It is this single act that leads science to measure and the arts to question—Janus faced in ironic opposition.

Lyrical Integrity or Musical Brevity?

What are the important elements of a great song? Is it purely the music, or is it something deeper? I like to think that a song can be thought of, maybe rather simply, as having three major components: music, lyrics, and vocals.

Birth of the Atom

Like many science fiction stories after it, Astro Boy deals with the effects science and technology have on daily life, and how they can help solve the greater problems humanity faces.

本当の日本語 First Steps into Real Manga

So in the interest of trying to make manga more accessible, and letting other people profit from my mistakes, here are a few things that I would liked to have known before I started reading Dragon Ball.