The Deep Sea Gold Rush

The deep sea is mankind’s penultimate frontier, where the creatures and their way of life are so alien to us that they are actually helping us understand things as far reaching as yet undiscovered life on other planets.

Out There: Part 1

Things changed when a history of astronomical observations and developed mathematics allowed us to replace the anthropocentric lullaby with the humbling idea of Earth being but a rural county in a vast universe.

Kuroshio Conversations: Poncie Rutcsh

“One of my goals in starting the show is to demonstrate that the diversity we see in science today isn’t new; there have always been a lot of people contributing to it, including women. We just don’t know those people’s stories.”


Although academic evaluation is measuring only a very limited part of what makes us who we are, it can have a powerful effect in narrowing our field of view to focus more on these “measurables” of success.

Kuroshio Conversations: Tadashi Tokieda

Tadashi Tokieda: Of course there are things that can progress only because you have bigger machines and more expensive and faster computers, but science is not just happening on the edge. Just under your feet sometimes there is unexplored wilderness.